There’s nothing worse than pouring a wine and finding bits of cork floating in the glass.

Sure, a cork from an old vintage sometimes just falls apart. But sometimes we’re just overzealous with the corkscrew, enthusiastically twisting the screw through the entire cork.

For those of us who are either enthusiastically entertaining guests or unable to contain our anticipation for a wine when holding a corkscrew, Campagnolo has the answer.

The bicycle component manufacturer has designed a corkscrew that makes opening a wine as easy as, well, riding a bike. This corkscrew, which is produced either with antiqued bronze or silver-finished aluminum, is made with a screw that will never twist through the other end of the cork. And it has a telescopic bell that keeps the screw in the middle of the cork, so the screw won’t come out the side of the cork (I bet we’re all guilty of that mistake too).

Thank you, Campagnolo! Now we no longer have to wait until the wine is open to let loose or get a little crazy.