If you’re bringing two of your favorite vintages to a party, people are going to thank you all night as they describe the wine’s nose, its bouquet, and its wonderful complexity.

You’re humble, sure. But there’s nothing wrong with getting the compliments right when you walk in the door too. That’s sure to happen when you show up in your dapper attire with this bottle tote.

The tote’s Titan-Milled Italian leather signals to guests that you choose fine things, and that the bottles contained inside will also be nice. Inside, this fully lined tote is removable Velcro padding to protect your bottles during the leisurely cycle or bumpy subway ride to the party. It comes with shoulder-length handles for easily securing under your arm too.

If it sounds like your name is already all over this bag, then go ahead and top off the purchase by monogramming your initials into the tote.