Things Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt Scotch has in common with your last failed relationship: it’s exceptionally smooth, initially sweet, a touch dark, and has an aroma of porridge, crème brûlée, and tobacco. Characteristics of Glen Scotia Victoriana you wish your last relationship had but came up short: it’s highly nuanced, never dull, and it’s balanced with an emphasis on proper maturation.

Collapsed romance allusions aside, this is an excellent single malt from Glen Scotia, bottled straight from heavily charred American oak casks without filtration to preserve vibrant flavors of toasted cashews, figs, blackcurrant, and salted caramel. Winning a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as a gold at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition, Glen Scotia Victoriana is fast winning recognition by the spirits industry for its rare and distinct characteristics and symphony of complex flavors on the palate.

Keep a bottle around your place at all times and show your next potential partner just how classy you really are. Oh, also unlike your last relationship, Glen Scotia Victoriana‘s finish is always smooth and clean.

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