Searching for a high quality single malt to sip after work that won’t cause you to reconsider the higher education cost of your present or future children? Those of us with a palate for fine whisky know all too well the lofty price tag that often accompanies the rich, smoky flavors and layered subtleties inherent in top shelf single malts. Glengarry Highlands Single Malt Scotch is an exceptional entry level single malt crafted at the highly-respected Loch Lomond distillery in Scotland, and at under $40 a bottle you can afford to drink it at occasions other than weddings and funerals.

With a nuanced flavor profile that balances earthy barley, peat, and oak with crisp orange peel and warm honey, Glengarry Single Malt only tastes expensive. Another occasion to sip some delightfully smooth and smoky Glengarry Single Malt…how about little Fiona or Parker’s future graduation from Princeton or Yale? You didn’t realize your current ultra-intelligent decisions on Scotch could allow your child an Ivy League future, did you?

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