When you’re holding a corkscrew, you may be opening a vintage, but do you feel like you’re experiencing the golden age of the past?

If no, then it may be because you aren’t holding a vintage bottle opener like this Zig-Zag Corkscrew. This magnificent piece of nickel-plated steel goes right back to the 1920s… when times were good.

The corkscrew was designed and patented by Jules Bart shortly after World War I ended–a period in which peace drove demand for new inventions that made celebrating with wine easier. Sometimes called a “tire bouchon,” this corkscrew does in fact make opening a bottle a less daunting task.

Its zig-zagging frame expands like an accordion to do the hard work on the cork as you pull up on the handle.
And while this corkscrew isn’t one of the century-old antiques in circulation, the replica is made on the same French press used to produce the originals. In my book, that’s enough to take you back to when times were good.