The dark ages are coming! Primed to replace whiskey as the next biggest trend, the Spirits Quarterly reports dark aged rum is on track to becoming the new black. All this good news means the FACUNDO Rum Collection —a luxury collection of hand-blended sipping rums— steps into the spotlight.

Eximo boasts pristine artistry and craftsmanship from Maestro de Ron (a sophisticated way to say Master Blender) Manny Oliver. After many experimental trials, Oliver blended before aging to create Eximo, one of four expressions in the collection. This delicate process involves the Maestro expertly styling a balanced combination of flavor and aroma before handing the immature mixture over to Mather Nature until she deems it mature enough for drinking. Oliver amalgamated medium to heavy-bodied rums then allowed them a decade to age in white oak barrels. Out emerged a buttery textured rich dark oak colored rum complete with nuances of walnut and vanilla. Inhale the sweet scent of toffee, honey, and a dash of bittersweet chocolate as you sip Eximo. Your body embraces the long, rich and lingering warm finish. The dark ages might not be so bad after all.