From the highest distillery in the world, Breckenridge Distillery is unlike any other distillery you have heard of. We are talking about purity, cleanliness, and quality. Here at Breckenridge that is exactly what they are all about. They blend water from the Rocky Mountain snowmelt for mineral infused perfection. With every sip you take you can taste the refreshing coolness of the Rocky Mountains. During the summer season they press fresh Colorado Western slope fruits for their liqueurs, brandies, and vodka products. All year round they focus on making grain to bottle whiskeys and rums while distilling botanicals and blending bourbon whiskey in small batches.

For decades gin has been the drink of choice for soldiers, statesmen, and the working class. Gin ultimately derives from juniperus, the Latin word for juniper. Juniper berries is the predominant flavor found in gin. This flavor stays true in the American-style Breckenridge Gin. With notes of bright citrus and spicy undertones accomplished through soaking during distillation, the juniper body is balanced in between. Fragile floral notes layered throughout this gin are removed through botanical basket distillation. So next time life hands you lemons make a Breckenridge Gin and tonic. You wont regret it!

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