We all need some craft in our life, at least every once in awhile. Who to trust better than LA’s first distillery since Prohibition and one of the first craft distilleries in the U.S., especially since they have revitalized a spirit so good, that it now retains maximum flavor. Greenbar Distillery has the world’s largest portfolio of organic spirits and organic means deeper flavor. CITY Amber Gin is just that. By reviving a lost, time-intensive technique, it is dubbed ‘the ancestor of all modern gins as it is one of the world’s only gins to use slow, Renaissance-era maceration techniques for flavor and complexity that cannot be retained in distilled gins.

The taste profile won’t disappoint either. Spice forward, layered and balanced, this gin is made with juniper sourced from scenic groves in Bulgaria. The old method of distillation is the only way that can create a gin profile that is so rich and flavorful in all the right ways that you can taste it even in complex cocktails like Cucumber Eastside (lime juice, simple syrup, cucumbers and mint) or sip it straight.

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