The gnarled roots of tradition run deep within the soils of Cuba, a country with a culture as rich and explosively vibrant as the bold murals and intricate tilework that color the streets of central Havana. And what better liquid to sprinkle on those roots than a few drops of Havana Club Añejo 7 Años —provided you can bear to part with a couple of drops, that is.

The rum’s creator, Primer Maestro Ronero Don José Navarro, is a man who values tradition and authenticity and the bottle’s design reflects this reverence for Cuban customs, its shape and curvature mirroring those of Cuba’s long line of traditional sipping rums. Navarro describes 7 Años  as “the very essence of aged Cuban rum which I am most proud of.”

Sipped is the way this rum is meant to be consumed, with an aging and filtering process that culminates in a finished product that is both silky smooth and delicately sweet, lingering on the tongue with an aftertaste of ripe mango and passion fruit. The rum aficionados behind Havana Club are incredibly passionate about crafting a premium rum that is a worthy representation of those deep Cuban roots; more information on these talented and dedicated distillers is available at Havana People.

We are so often encouraged to eschew tradition these days, why not embrace a wonderful tradition of Cuban rum crafted expertly and even lovingly? Sip, savor, and let those roots flourish.

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