Stop watching your guilty pleasure dramatic dating shows. Live the dream at AYANA luxury resorts! AYANA Resort & Spa Bali has beautiful high-end facilities and rooms to make all guests feel special and relaxed. Perfect for a romantic couples retreat or even a family vacation! Located and enclosed in southern Bali, there is plenty of privacy for enjoying those sexy dates with your own cute partner, instead of the one on your television.

The resort has also finally launched their new Kubu Beach Club! It’s exclusive for in-house guests only, so you are guaranteed no unwanted disruptions. Decorated timely for 1960’s Kuta-styled beach, it is located on an amazing secluded, private beach with the whitest, softest sand. The wonderful culture of Bali is woven into every detail of the bar, seats, lights and roof. Lie on the beach receiving a calming massage or try the delicious Balinese fusion foods. Don’t just dream about Bali. Live it!