An 8oz filet mignon cooked to a tender medium rare sits glistening on your plate, a ruby-hued glass of velvety Malbec just brushing your fingertips. The USDA prime steak is smothered in garlic butter, topped decadently with succulent grilled king prawns, and served with a side of truffle mac and cheese with a perfectly poached duck egg placed artfully in its creamy, agonizingly rich center. You’ve reached your final day on Death Row and this is the crescendo of your life, both in culinary and literal terms.

Okay, we’re being dramatic. You’re not on Death Row, but you are in a casino in central London so you can’t be entirely sure what unsavory characters may or may not be mucking about. One thing is sure though, the filet mignon with “Millionaire’s Mac and Cheese” at Heliot Steak House in the Hippodrome Casino would make an epic last meal. Fortunately it makes a hell of a meal on a regular old weeknight as well.

Looking out at the mini dramas unfolding on the casino floor just adds to the experience as you try not to slurp the caramelized onions in your French onion soup starter, browned to the point of just about melting like liquid right into the creamy Gruyère. Heliot was recently voted Best Steakhouse in London by Bookatable, a title we’d consider ratifying for the truffle mac and cheese alone. Three words: Last. Meal. Material.

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