Alexandria, Scotland, (near Loch Lomond) where High Commissioner Whisky  has been distilled, blended, and bottled since 1856, marks the boundary between Scotland’s highlands and lowlands. We think this is significant because High Commissioner  embodies the quality and smoothness of a high end single malt without the lofty price tag.

It makes perfect sense then that geographically the distillery separates the highs from the lows. One of the largest family-owned whisky producers in Scotland, High Commissioner has over 150 years experience crafting the kind of whisky you can drink on any occasion. It’s the working man’s whisky—elevated.

With a sharply fruit-rich nose with warm, spicy clove undertones and a palate rich in caramel and malt, High Commissioner finishes on a warming high note with an aftertaste of ripe peaches and pears. One of the top-selling blends in the United Kingdom, High Commissioner Whisky  is an excellent introduction to quality Scotch that doesn’t need to sit on a high shelf in your bar collecting dust for years. Pour a generous serving on the rocks with a splash of soda. Enjoy, today, tomorrow, and any time the fancy strikes.