With a heritage as rich and complex as the flavors in its newest cognac, Blue Swift, Martell is no novice in the world of crafting quality spirits. After 300 years of history, passion and dedication to expertise, Martell has established a brand enjoyed by royalty, in Hollywood, and across the globe.

With this newest induction into their gilded halls Martell has created the first Eau de Vie de Vin made of 100% Cognac VSOP finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. This unique, signature distillation process allows for the absorption of rich aromatic tones complimented by notes of candied fruits and ginger. This flavor is elevated to an even more complex level by the hints of vanilla and toasted oak acquired from the bourbon casks themselves. Blue Swift was crafted as a homage to founder Jean’s Martell’s sprit of curiosity and innovation and invites drinkers to share in an experience that is both palatable and distinctively satisfying. In the glass, a distinguishing copper color glinting with gold, this cognac completes the picture of elegance.


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