Innovation at its finest; whatever state, hot or cold, the Hydro Flask manages to retain that temperature even in the harshest conditions imaginable. Using an innovative method of insulation, the Hydro Flask is made up of a vacuum-sealed double wall that guards the temperature of whatever drink you pour into it. The TempShield technology allows ice cold substances to remain cold up to 24 hours while hot liquids will remain at the optimal temperature for about 6 hours. This technology allows the individual to experience the freshest tastes imaginable. Whether you want warm Sake or an ice cold Guinness for an afternoon delight the Hydro Flask will deliver it at the same temperature it was contained in.

Since its inception in 2009, this Oregon based company has constantly improved the quality of the project experiencing a large growth of popularity up into 2011. In 2015, the company expanded their business to Europe with plans on becoming a worldwide business by the end of 2016. With numerous awards under their belt, including the Inc 500 award in 2014 and the Reddot award in 2016, Hydro Flask continues to serve the populace with a quality that is both essential and refreshing.

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