You may have heard of seaweed in ice cream or cosmetics—but now Isle of Harris Gin truly does Ariel and her mermaid kin proud. The recipe centers around sustainable sugar kelp, harvested from (deep!) in the ocean by a local diver. When submerged once more in a copper pot still, the kelp transforms into the spirit’s unique coastal essence evident in every sip. Rounded out by a host of land-derived complements like coriander, orange peel and cassia bark, the gin is a veritable marriage of earth and ocean—likewise, Isle of Harris Distillers flourishes through a symbiotic connection to its remote hometown of Tarbert. Located off the coast of Scotland, the village finds renewed viability and visibility as a result of the company’s grassroots philosophy … but the distillery heralds Tarbert’s mystique and beauty as the lifeblood of its spirits. Now there’s a fairy tale ending that’s more than sea foam!

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