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Spirit: Ixá Reposado Tequila
Distillery: Greenbar Distillery
ABV: 40 (80% Proof)
Type: Heartland Blue Agave
Region: Jalisco
Score: 95 Points

A blissful golden hue sits before you, delighting the nose with a creamy caramel french toast. This is a tequila that you know even from the get-go, you ought to be sipping solo. The experience continues with a delicate floral nature, complemented by the sweet succulent agave, gently flowing from the glass. As the mid-palate fades into a gradual finish, it’s the sweet white pepper and lemon rind that you’ll come to notice the most, making this an exploration of the whole palate from sweet to bitter. This is a very well made organic tequila that sits in a prime position showcasing what can be done in the industry.