As people around the world toast to Ireland this Friday, we introduce Jameson’s Deconstructed Series: The following three editions from the undisputed king of Irish whiskey showcase the original’s distinct elements like a drinkable biography. Each was created to describe and prolong various moments of a shot of the famous flagship Jameson…think of them as a way to experience the whiskey in slow motion. We’ll start with Jameson Bold, in the maker’s words, the most pronounced “the chip off the old block.”

You can take the Bold out of the pot still, but you can’t take the pot still out of the Bold. Jameson Bold’s commanding character is the essence of that faithful coiled copper vat used since the whiskey maker’s 1780 beginnings—here’s a drink for firesides and crowded pubs. Redolent of apple, woods, cinnamon, and straw, the pastoral nose introduces creamy sweetness upon first taste, followed by commanding spice and a barley finish. This unmistakably Bold conception of Jameson embodies the family motto inscribed on every bottle: Sine Metu, “without fear.”