La Bastide is celebrating 50 years since the creation of its first vintage with their oldest Armagnac. Their vineyard, Chateau de Sandemagnan, has been producing Armagnac since the 1960’s and the Chateau resides in the region of France where over 50% of all Armagnac is made.  The Armagnac is a rare spirit that is distilled from wine, and while not as common as traditional Cognac or brandy, still holds its own in the ring of quality spirits due to its rich, fragrant flavor and smooth finish.

At the Chateau, guests can learn all about the Armagnac process as La Bastide churns out more than 15,000 bottles per year with all of the ageing and bottling happening right on site. And when you are done learning, why not a sample? Visitors can treat themselves to vintages from every year, all the way back to their inaugural bottling in 1967.  Matured in oak barrels, this award winning Armagnac is sure to be a crowd pleaser as a drink on its own, or featured in the meals made at the vineyards 18th century charterhouse. Book a stay at their four-star hotel, or spend a day in their relaxing spa and see why La Bastide is an enchanting, luxurious destination even still after 50 years.

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