Complete with a long, rich history beginning before the French Revolution, the Gimet Distillery was passed from son to son until landing in the ever-capable hands of Nicolas Sinoquet. Gimet produces and selects exceptional brandies and aperitifs from the French terroirs to meet the demanding needs of connoisseurs. Using the same copper stills from about 100 years ago, Sinoquet ensures the same quality products by keeping the work done by hands.

One of Gimet’s distinguishable spirits is inspired by Mongolian traditions. Lactalium Vodka, as its name suggests, is crafted from fermented mountain milk and distilled in the copper stills. The entire process takes about a month between milking, clarification, fermentation, distillation, and blending. Perfectly smooth to enjoy as is or mix in for undeniably satisfying texture in some of your favorite cocktails. Gimet Distillery and Sinoquet still embody the mindset and ambitions of the original Gimet family to deliver innovative spirits.