Potent bitters were used as medicine way back when quacks rolled into frontier towns on horse drawn carts, but clever bartenders figured out that these flavor enhancing liquids could also add a whole new layer of deliciousness to cocktails with complete and utter ease. It takes just one drop to give not only a beautiful aroma, but a plethora of deep, rich and vibrant flavors to the magical concoction that sits before you.

Made with natural and organic ingredients, Bar Keep Lavender Bitters hold an incredible floral note that enhance all the flavors of your cocktail. In fact, imagine yourself twirling around the fields of ‘The Sound of Music’, but replace those little yellow flowers with Lavender – that’s essentially the feeling these bitters give you.BARKEEP Bitters drinkmemag.com drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

In all seriousness, though; the masculine scent of lavender can be paired alongside most white spirits, whether it’s rum, vodka, gin or even tequila that tickles your fancy.

Only the highest quality ingredients, with zero color enhancers or additives are used. Add to this the fact that these bitters are 100% organic and you can really see the sense of quality within the bottle.

Greenbar Distillery ‘s Bar Keep Bitters help pro and home bartenders everywhere explore more flavors and make even better cocktails.