Doubling as an extremely addicting strategic board game and coasters for your beer, Less is easily compactable fun for on the go friendly competition. Made for two to four players, this game is easily picked up and learned. There are nine board pieces which can be set up however you so please making for over 100,000 combinations to change things up. The object is simple: move your four game pieces across the board into your opponents starting corner before they do the same to you. Each turn grants you three moves. Your choice of action determines how many moves you use. Moving horizontally, vertically, or jumping costs one move, jumping over a wall is two moves, and jumping over a double wall takes all three moves.

Welcome another pair into the game and go head to head in team combat. With its quick paced nature, turn Less into a drinking game and challenge fellow bar goers. You can even try the game online via Facebook or purchase game boards in one of the available funky patterns.