At some point or another, we’ve all stood in front of a bottle of mezcal and felt confused about why it isn’t called tequila. They are very similar, with some key differences. Mezcal must be made from 80% to 100% agave, and be produced in Mexico, while tequila can only be made with blue agave. Mezcal can use any variety of agave, giving mezcals more room to experiment. The agave is then slow roasted in earth pits, which gives it a wonderful smoky flavor. Still confused? One week can change that, if you go to London Mezcal Week.

Starting on September 11 and culminating on the 17th, London Mezcal Week is organized by the founders of Dangerous Don and Quiquiriqui Mezcals, who seek to celebrate Mezcal and the Mexican culture surrounding it. There will be art exhibitions, excellent and authentic Mexican cuisine, and mezcal masterclasses.

The highlight of the week is a two-day mezcal festival on Saturday and Sunday, the largest Mezcal tasting ever held in the UK. Ticket holders will get to sample over 50 different Mezcals from 30 brands, so by the end you will be an expert in the finer points of this exquisite drink.

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