Harrods is London’s premier luxury department store, and needs no introduction besides the name. The store has one million square feet of retail space and every department has to bring something new to the table. Chai Wu is the first new restaurant opening this year in the department store, and their addition to the store is contemporary Chinese cuisine and an oasis of serenity and luxury.

Chai Wu has a wide variety of Pan-Asian dishes to choose from, ranging from dim sum to seabass served with gold leaf and lobster dumplings. An open sushi and sashimi bar lets guests see the acclaimed chefs in action at their workstations. There’s also a drinks bar with an exclusive selection of Harrods Tea blends, as well as a diverse wine and cocktail menu for people who like something a little stronger.

The interior design of the restaurant is based on the five elements of Chinese philosophy: water, metal, wood, earth, and fire. Chai Wu is an elegant and intimate space, filled with a variety of seating options such as intimate booths, bar seats, or larger tables making this restaurant a great choice for any group or occasion, but perhaps most perfect as a respite from a busy day.