There’s nothing like a cold brew.

Coffee, that is. It’s a less acidic and sweeter version of one of the greatest beverages ever produced by humankind. Over the last few years, cold brew has become increasingly popular with coffee aficionados looking to coax out every unique flavor of a bean and its growing conditions.

The only problem has been that you often have to venture to the café to enjoy a delicious cup. With the Cold Bruer, serious coffee enthusiasts can now enjoy the products of the cold drip method in their home.

This brewer is made of durable borosilicate glass, and is easy to set up on the kitchen countertop. Setting up the brewing process only takes a few minutes, and then the Cold Bruer takes about four hours to work. If you’re impatient, cold brew may not be the best method for you initially. Luckily, the process produces about 20 ounces of coffee, and the cold brew stays fresh in the refrigerator for about two weeks so you can plan ahead for your cravings.