Your interests and hobbies make you who you are. In the case of the McBride Sisters, it seems their interests were inherent. They grew up on different ends of the globe: Andréa in New Zealand and Robin in California. Not meeting until they were 16 and 25, respectively, they individually fostered a unique appreciation for the craft of winemaking. After meeting, they took this interest of theirs and began a business, first by importing unique New Zealand wines into the US market, which created their first production: Wines – a sustainable wine company from New Zealand. They became the first African American sisters to found and own a wine company. Next, they partnered with Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines to create Truvée WInes – a line of finely balanced wines that express the distinct individuality of California’s central coast.

Today, the sisters have worked to bring wine lovers the best of both worlds with their third collection: The McBride Sisters Collection. It consists of four wines crafted in the McBride Sisters’ signature style: a blend of old world elegance with new world finesse. The best of both worlds comes in the fact that two wines – Sauvignon Blanc and Sparkling Brut Rosé – are from New Zealand and the other two – Chardonnay and Red Blend – are from California’s Central Coast. All wines are available in 1,500 locations nationwide. It is sure to keep glasses full and guests smiling all throughout the holiday season.

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