It’s time to make your infamous mixed drink concoction. You went to the store, bought all your ingredients, and now it’s time to mix them. Before pouring the copious amounts of sugary fizzy brightly colored liquid, you take a quick peak at the ingredients list. Many lines long of words you can barely pronounce never mind understand what they actually are and the sugar count is off the walls. You reluctantly pour the beverages in knowing you have no other possible substitute that will achieve the same end result cocktail you so carefully planned out.

Well, Q Drinks’ inspiration stems from that above scenario. Besides the obvious sugar and questionable chemical make-up of traditional sodas and mixers, they simply taste as artificial as they’re made. So, Q Drinks set out on a quest to develop the best soda—clean, crisp, and completely ungeneric. Their sodas even enhance the finest of spirits.

Derived from some of the best and most natural ingredients around, think agave from the Mexican countryside, quinine from the slops of Southeast Asia, and salt from the Himalayas, Q Sodas are causing quite a buzz. Q Drinks’ current and ever expanding list of flavors includes: traditional Club, classic Tonic, biting Ginger, tangy Ginger Beer, savory Kola, zesty Orange, puckering Grapefruit, and tart Lemon. Whether for mixing or sipping, Q Drinks is the new face of the healthy soda industry.

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