How about an ice cube for your whiskey that never melts?

That’s what glass artist Nate Cotterman has brilliantly done with the cube glass. Cotterman cleverly designed this glassware with a solid-glass cube inside sculpted to look and function exactly like a fresh piece of pure ice.

The glassware is stored in the freezer so that the cube and the glass are always ready to cool your favorite whiskey. As it replaces the function of the ice, the obvious benefit of the glass is that drinkers no longer have to worry about dilution or weird flavors from water impurities.

The true power of this glass is more subtle however. There are few things better to a whiskey aficionado than the anticipation experienced when a whiskey with a fresh rock is first served. The aesthetics of this glass stretches that excitement through every sip. And when a glass is empty, the fresh ice appearance leaves the moment feeling ripe for just another pour. And then another pour.