Spanning over a rich, vegetation-filled 560-acres, Newton Winery established themselves in 1977. The now terraced mountain estate boasts 3 appellations sitting between 500 and 1600 feet above sea level. The vineyards themselves cover less than one-fifth of the estate’s total acreage. Newton strives to strike a balance between sustainability and production leaving the remaining land at the mercy of the native forests and indigenous wildlife.

Of those 3 appellations, Mt. Veeder is the most rugged and steep comprising of 20 blocks spread over 50 acres. Here, the Cabernet Sauvignon resides. The environment provides the structure to produce fruit containing the classic Cabernet aromas and flavors. The 2014 crop yielded fruits from 17-year-old vines. Each grape individually plucked and hand sorted before beginning its journey to the 2014 Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. With only 950 cases produced, this wine aged beautifully in French oak barrels for 16 months before being bottled and has a life expectancy for 20+ years. Full of classic varietal cassis, inky ripe fruits, charcoal, aniseed, mint, and rolled tobacco, 2014 Mount Veeder is everything you want in a Cabernet—rich, intense, and bold yet elegant and sophisticated.

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