No Fine Print Wine Co. is founded on friendship and the way that wine brings people together.  When Pat Corcoran and Pat Smith met, they bonded over their roots in music management and their mutual love of wine.  Together, they collaborated with Ryan Arnold, the Wine Director of Lettuce Entertain You, who was able to use his contacts in the winemaking industry to help bring the venture to fruition.  The result was No Fine Print, a no-nonsense wine for the average consumer, and its subtler subsidiary, Fine Print, for the more label-reading, jargon-loving wine enthusiast.

The 2016 No Fine Print flagship wine is a dark, juicy California Cabernet Sauvignon, while the 2014 Fine Print #1 is a limited-release North Coast Red Blend from Sonoma.  The latter combines the body, depth, and texture of syrah with the bright, red cranberry notes of pinot noir.  Both wines make fun, affordable additions to your personal cellar, whether you’re an amateur wine lover or a seasoned enthusiast.

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