Nestled at the foot of the great Rockies in Colorado comes a truly one of a kind bourbon cream. Billed as the only true bourbon cream, Nooku™ is comprised of only two ingredients: premium bourbon and fresh dairy cream. While there are many liqueurs that claim to be bourbon creams, they all contain additives which the award-winning Old Elk distillery says detracts from their flavor. You won’t find any additives in this premium bourbon cream or any artificial coloring. Nooku is 100% natural with no added sugar.

Old Elk distillery is the brainchild of Curt and Nancy Richardson, founders of the innovative companies OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises. Named the best distillery in Colorado by the New York International Spirits Competition, Old Elk is the exclusive distiller of Dry Town gin, Dry Town Vodka, and now Nooku™ bourbon cream.

The name Nooku™ is derived from a Native American word for the white snowshoe rabbit. This animal is prized for its soft coat and lightning speed – a contrast which can be experienced in this bourbon cream with its bold flavor yet incredibly smooth finish. Nooku has a wonderfully spicy aroma that speaks of vanilla and toffee. The taste is unmistakably of caramel with a lovely finish of oaked bourbon. Nooku is perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Try replacing Irish cream with Nooku or checkout the links below for plenty of delicious cocktail recipes.


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