As the popularity of craft beer and farm-to-table dining have grown in popularity in recent years, so have the popularity of craft spirits and cocktails. Consumers are more likely to buy local spirits than ever before and they’re trading their vodka & sodas for modern renditions of classic cocktails and contemporary curations. Not by chance, Watershed Distillery sits at the crossroads of craft spirits, cocktails, and local eats.

Nestled in Columbus, Ohio, Watershed Distillery produces an impressive lineup of spirits that can be found across the city and the Midwest. Their lineup includes a subtly sweet vodka made from corn and apple, and two gin varieties: their citrus-forward Four Peel Gin, and their one-year aged Bourbon Barrel Gin. The darker spirits follow in the form of their Apple Brandy, bourbon, and Old Fashioned, the latter a delicious mix of bourbon, bitters, sugar, and Ohio cherry juice ready to be poured and enjoyed. Their lineup concludes with Nocino, a black walnut liquor made from a traditional Italian recipe, and perfect when sipped after dinner or drizzled over vanilla bean ice cream.

Watershed’s Kitchen & Bar not only serves curated cocktails made with their spirits, but a menu of exquisite dishes made in the spirit of the Midwest, all thanks to Chef Jack Moore. Moore pays homage to the meals of his childhood with a passion for local ingredients and a palate for contemporary interpretations of Ohio favorites like spare rib, pork rind, and sweet potato custard. The dictionary defines a watershed as an area where land and water meet, but Watershed Distillery defines itself as a place where passion and dedication meet local pride, comfort, and familiarity.