Since 1881, Bunnhabhain has brewed rich, quality Whisky on the Scottish island of Islay.  Now the distillery is releasing its oldest-ever single malt, aged 46 years.  They are calling it “Eich Bhana Lìr,” which translates to the “The Great waves of God Lìr.”  It is a tribute to the Gaelic God of the sea, whom, according to legend, used his powers to bring up great white waves that would carry his most precious gifts ashore.  The distillery warehouses are located on the northeastern coast of the island, right up against the raging sea.  And, more than anything, aside from craft, Bunnahabhain values Islay’s history and geography.

Bunnahabhain is owned by Distell, a global company with a portfolio that includes almost 100 brands and is recognized as Africa’s leading producer of wines, spirits, and ciders.  The Brand Director of Malts, Derek Scott, says: “We are extremely proud to be able to showcase this truly unique and luxurious dram created in the most remote corner of Islay.” The silky balance of citrus and roasted nuts promises a long and spicy finish that is only matched by the elegant aroma; a scent intermingled with old leather and Manuka honey.  Italian glass blowers and metalworkers expertly designed and made Eich Bhana Lìr’s bottle, which depicts the waves of the Islay Sea, crashing into Bunnahabhain bay. Only 198 bottles of this spectacularly refined malt are available worldwide.

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