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Mint Julep Drink Me Magazine

The Mint Julep in the Spotlight

The Kentucky Derby is finally here, and like a shot of Jameson on St. Patty’s Day or a Pimms Cup at Wimbledon, the Mint Julep is a tradition we’re always willing to go along with, at least for a day. Unfortunately, short cuts over the years have marred the mint julep …

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48 Hours

48 Hours in Okinawa, Japan

By Spencer Spellman “Habushu,” I say to the bartender, in my thick southern drawl as I point at a large jug towering over all the other liquor bottles. “Habushu?” the bartender responds disconcertedly. “You want habushu? The snake wine?” I nod, “Yes, a glass of snake wine. Straight up.” The …

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Spring 44 Spirits Drink Me Magazine

Spring 44 Spirits

Like the formidable Rocky Mountains and the bracingly crisp spring water they’re based on, the Spring44 Spirits cast an air of purity even at first glance. Minimalist but elegant, the bottles are graced with simple graphics alluding to their origins- nature. We’ve heard this story before, and couldn’t help recalling the merits …

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Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Imagine the pleasure derived from a perfectly balanced, aged Single Malt Scotch… or a rare vintage, nuanced, First Growth Bordeaux… or the most succulent caviar reminiscent of the sea, paired with a Grand Cru Champagne… Take any of those unforgettable epicurean moments that we all live for and imagine experiencing …

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AO Rice Vodka Suntory Drink Me Magazine

AO Vodka, Distilled From Japanese Rice

Japanese culture has long been associated with harmony in nature. From the misunderstood intricacies of flower arrangements to the most delicate and contemplative snip of a bonsai tree, Suntory ambitiously introduces this concept to the Western culture’s most beloved spirit: vodka. Just released to the U.S. market, Ao Vodka is a premium …

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