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48 Hours

48 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

“It’s going to be two hours.” The hostess looked up from her post, the ledge of a cement porch she was melting over like a clock in a Dali painting. It was nine at night in a working-class section of Santurce, the most densely populated barrio in San Juan, Puerto …

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Such Great Heights

Manchester Ridge Vineyard and the “Island” AVA “This road is littered with winemakers who have tried to make wine here,” says Greg La Follette, careening in a rickety pick-up through a winding and narrow dirt road with shear drops into the ravines below. We’re bouncing along the road to Manchester …

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Chateau Cheval Blanc, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

The winery is located in the heart of the vineyard and is nicknamed “the winery under the hill”. Architects at Atelier Christian de Protzamparc designed the winery with elegance and energy-efficiency as their top priorities; the construction has been High Environmental Quality certified. Its living green roof is raised by …

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B Bag Drink Me Mag

Bring Your B-bag

Seattle bartenders John Ueding and Craig Kreuger bring to you the sleek bartender satchel, B-bag. After experimenting with carpenter bags and bartender kits these fellas put their heads together and devised the next generation of swizzle stick, muddler, and strainer carrier. It’s not too late to support their venture and …

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