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21st Amendment Fireside Chat Drink Me Magazine

21st Amendement: Fireside Chat

Holidays are for tradition and contemporary variations on years gone by. With that in mind, 21st Amendment is welcoming back its limited release Fireside Chat, a traditional English style strong ale complimented by a festive blend of spices…but every year the spice mix is just a little bit different (this …

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The Wydown Hotel Drink Me Magazine

The Wydown Hotel, St. Helena, Napa CA

The 12-room, boutique Wydown Hotel is a worthy alternative to Napa’s mega hillside resorts. The sleek contemporary interiors exude calm. Stylish guest rooms are flooded with natural light and boast comfy beds and Keurig coffee makers. The downtown location means you can ditch the car and stroll St. Helena’s historic Main Street that’s filled with …

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SIA Scotch Drink Me Magazine

SIA Scotch

The whisky industry is dominated by male blenders and distillers, so it’s refreshing to see a woman in the brown spirit development spotlight for a quality dram set to hit American shores. SIA Scotch Whisky is the creation of Scotch enthusiast and licensed bartender Carin Luna-Ostaseski, who has teased out …

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Drones – the Future of Winemaking?

What happens when you mix two forms of technological genius? In this case, complete and utter brilliance. When Vineview (a remote sensing company) and SkySquirrel (an unmanned Aerial System producer), or in simple speak “drone pioneer” sat down at the table, they probed the question: “How can we use our …

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Did Someone Say Sriracha Beer?

Sriracha fans, you may rejoice, because we have some news you’ll be very happy to beer, er… I mean hear… What could be deemed as one of America’s most popular fridge condiments will soon find its way into the bottle. Yes, you read that correctly. Sriracha recently teamed up with Rogue Beers, …

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