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South Africa Part 1 Drink ME Magazine

A Week in South Africa: Pt. 1

It’s impossible to overstate the sheer physical grandeur of South Africa, the beauty of the scenery that, at various moments throughout the day, forces you to stop in your tracks, look around, and catch your breath: The sweep of a sky speckled with birds wheeling overhead; the variously jagged and …

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Urban Putt San Francisco Drink Me Magazine

Urban Putt, San Francisco

The occasional fire truck double-parked outside this former mortuary at South Van Ness and 22nd Street isn’t responding to an incident. The precinct firefighters are simply among the neighborhood denizens who have heard what’s been going on and have been dying for a first-hand look-see. Indeed, what’s been going on …

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AVIV is a mesmerizing potion, and the only vodka in the world that is distilled from this unique collection of kosher ingredients: wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, grapes, and pomegranates.  Cut down to proof with the refreshing waters of the Sea of Galilee, its sleek texture uncovers an entrancing purity with a …

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