Edinburgh based distillery, Summerhall Distillery, is home to the multi award winning line of Pickering’s Gin. Summerhall is located at the site of an old animal hospital, which has since been split into an arts venue with a pub right in the middle with the distillery located next door. This is Edinburgh’s first gin distillery in over 150 years and they produce marvelously crafted small batches of Pickering’s Gin, which are based on the original Bombay recipe dating back to 1947. The now fine-tuned recipe is the very gin available today.

Each gin is created with a careful and specially measured balance of juniper, coriander, cardamom, angelica, fennel, anise, lemon, lime, and cloves. Pickering’s Gin is a dry gin with a soft citrus flavor accompanied by slight hints of cinnamon and nutty notes. Pickering’s Navy Strength Gin celebrates becoming the official gin of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The limited edition bottle is accented with a mini bearskin hat and neck tag, but contains the same delicate balance and flavors as Pickering’s Gin. Enjoy both neat or in a classic Gin & Tonic for a rather smooth experience.


Pickering’s Gin £29.50

Pickering’s Navy Strength Gin £50.00


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