Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell, founders of Pickering’s Oak Aged Gin, wanted to explore a different journey. Their journey formed a marriage of Scotland’s two best-valued spirits, whiskey and gin. Marcus is a lifelong lover of gin and has a fascination of how things are made. He began working at Summerhall Distillery where his idea of creating his own gin began to flourish. Matt on the other hand is the brain behind the scenes of it all. His transformation of the Old Animal Hospital dog kennels into a fully operational distillery has earned him his success in launching a collection of oak aged gins. Marcus and Matt traveled to Scotland in pursuit of the finest casks they could get their hands on. They handpicked five ex-scotch malt whisky casks and brought them to Summerhall Distillery in Edenburg, where they filled them with Pickering’s gin and waited for the final results.

Nine main botanicals comprise each edition of Pickering’s: Juniper, coriander, cardamom, angelica, fennel, anise, lemon, lime, and cloves. The custom designed Bain Marie heating system is the secret to the gin’s smoothness. In May of 2016, Marcus and Matt introduced to the world Pickering’s Oak Aged Gin. This unique collection offers five oak aged expressions. They don’t want you to experience it just one way, just like they don’t want you to experience gin without whiskey and vice versa.

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