Ask any weekend warrior to describe their perfect poolside afternoon, and their response will most likely include the words “lazy” and “happy”. Pigro Felice translates to exactly that. This company set out to do the impossible: create elegant, inflatable furniture designed for grown-ups. The Modul’Air Inflatable Armchair Set by Pigro Felice was created by a team of designers and engineers to provide environmentally sustainable PVC seating that is equally chic indoors, outdoors, and in the pool!

Tetris fans will delight in the modular design of this furniture, which can be assembled into various templates, such as mattresses, chairs, or loveseats, similar to the classic puzzle game. Merrymakers will appreciate the built-in drink holders, as well as the inflatable coolers which are sold in addendum to the furniture sets. The Modul’Air Inflatable Armchair Set can be purchased in white, black, or in a range of pastels. Each of their pieces is non-carcinogenic, durable, and safe for children. With a separate line of solar-powered, color changing lighting as well as an entire line dedicated to minimalist clothing, you can easily transform your backyard into a summer wonderland. To complete the fantasy, customers can even supplement their purchase with an inflatable floating seal!