RoadŸŸ.house (rohd-hous)

A winery, inn, restaurant, or night club located on a road outside of town or city, where patrons have the most fun ever while tasting the finest local wines

 GaŸ.rage wine (guh-rahzh wayhn)

A high quality wine produced in very small quantities in a garage, barn, or roadhouse.


In 2006, Eric Hall’s initial wine endeavors tragically came to a halt when the adjacent river overran his property. For several years following, Hall found himself managing a historic winery. Though rather unlucky, this misfortune pushed Hall to move away from management position to fulfilling his dream of owning his own little Pinot Noir operation, thus Roadhouse Winery earned its name. The small winery is located in downtown Healdsburg, California and is mainly dedicated to producing hand crafted Pinot Noir with a few small batches of Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon thrown in there for good measure.

Among their quality collections sits their 2014 Platinum Label Pinot Noir (rated 94 points by the Pinot Report). The fruits recruited for this delectable Pinot Noir hail from the Yorkville Highlands AVA. The grapes were hand sorted and selected before undergoing the fermentation process to produce only 200 cases. The resulting 2013 Platinum Label hits the nose with dreamy floral notes of rose petals and violets with hints of rhubarb. Overall, the medium bodied and multi-layered wine leaves a long, silky smooth finish. This is one to remember.

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