You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, right? What if I told you a drought can also create a rainbow? OK- perhaps only the red hues of the rainbow. But nevertheless, still as magical, and Ramón Bilbao’s Mirto is a testament to that. This red, rich wine was crafted so naturally perfect, due to the drought that the 2012 harvest endured. This dryness, along with sudden rain in September, created a balance that evolved the rich grapes from high potential to extraordinarily ripe. Add the excellent sanitary conditions during the harvest period, and you’ve got a rich, superior wine.

Along with the beneficial weather conditions, the fermentation process also took the quality to a whole new level. Small French oak vats were used during this time, along with controlled temperatures to reach the highest level of extraction regarding the intense aroma and deep red color. On the nose, rich aromas of berries and red fruit awaken the senses, paired with fresh reminders of eucalyptus wood and mint. Smooth on the palette, this wine is perfect for dark chocolate based treats.

This wine is also crafted naturally, without being subjected to any filtering or fining. With good cellaring potential, Ramon Bilbao’s Mirto may also improve with age- so whether you indulge now, or give it some time- you will taste 100% pure, real, red magic.

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