The summer sun is beating down inviting sweat droplets to form on your forehead. They slip down your cheek taunting and reminding you as liquid is squeezed from your body. Your tongue dances in your mouth like a half dried worm struggling on the heated sidewalk after the night’s rain forced them from their moist soil homes. Saliva puddles between your gums and cheeks, but it isn’t the hydration you need.

You drag yourself to the local supermarket embracing the chilling air as the doors part. You wander down the isles trying to discover the one thirst-quenching beverage that suits your fancy. You notice a new refrigerator labeled “TK Hibiscus”. Auburn colored liquid sits in glass bottles wrapped in your choice of four labels. You pull out a bottle; your palm welcomes the contrasted temperature. You rotate the bottle and find in this 16oz serving you’ll only ingest a mere 40 calories, 5g of sugar, 5g of carbs, and four ingredients. You take the tea, purchase it, and listen for the satisfying “pop” as the lid twists open. You sip and sense the liquid curing the drought.

TK Hibiscus Tea is all natural, all organic, Kosher, and gluten free. Steeped with antioxidants and an assembly of beneficial plant acids, TK Hibiscus refreshes and replenishes lost fluids and nutrients to the body while also promoting healthy blood pressure and heart health. Should you want more than the classic, traditional tea, TK Hibiscus offers three alternative unique flavors. Cool Spearmint rejuvenates and jolts the body after a long day outside. Yellow Ginger sweetly zings your senses pairing well with spicy foods. Green Jasmine jars the body awake with a subtle infusion of caffeine to keep your day moving smoothly. Fuel your summer with a healthy and flavor filled beverage!

Available at Giant Eagle, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods Market, Shop Rite, and Mom’s Organic Market