When we think of wine, we mainly think of grapes. It only makes sense as it is the most common ingredient, but what people don’t know is that Britain has a long and ancient tradition of fermenting a wide range of fruits, flowers, herbs and leaves, which were better suited to the climate and well loved by the masses for centuries. Renegade & Longton have made it their mission to revive those once popular drinks but not without first putting a modern twist on them. The result? They have produced two remarkable sparkling wines made with elderflower and a blend of rhubarb and berries using the “traditional method” of in bottle fermentation.

Founders Brendan Thomson and Richard Neal say the idea came from when Thomson’s younger brother made an elderflower champagne. The Pure Elderflower is light, dry, fruity and floral with a generous nose that opens to a fresh and crisp aroma. Pair it with nuts, olives, oysters, salmon and hard cheeses. The Elderflower Blush’s aroma is of vibrant fresh red fruits with notes of nutty yeast complexities, making it perfect as an aperitif or with afternoon tea. The sparkle in the wines is light and refreshing and makes a great alternative to traditional sparkling wines. Try out these new innovative sparkling wines this holiday season and enjoy feeling like a Victorian!

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