Royal Tokaji of northeastern Hungary is regarded as one of the most defining wineries of its region. Their blend of traditional fermentation technique and their use of modern technologies come together to craft a balanced, beautiful wine.

Their latest vintage, Gold Label 2013 – 6p Aszú, is the epitome of the winery’s curated skill. Despite fluctuating weather patterns in the winter, the warmer months provided the ideal climate for their aszú berries to develop. These berries—dried grapes of the Furmint, Hárslevlü, and Zéta varieties with beneficial botrytis—were macerated and fermented for two days. After fermentation, the blend was moved into 300- or 500-liter Hungarian oak casks and relocated to Tokaji’s underground cellar to age for 2 years – the final blend was finished in early 2016, and bottled that May.

This wine brings forward rich notes of grapefruit and spice on the nose, and follows with a full-bodied flavor of citrus, peach, and apricots. A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, the drink finishes out with a long, crisp sensation on the tongue. Gold Label 2013 is best served at 10-13oC (50-55oF), and pairs well with smoked fish, and aged or hard blue cheeses, as well as fresh berry salad, or fruit-based confections.

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