This is not your typical decanter.

Here is a wine decanter that is so unique, it’s really a work of art. Made from handblown glass, this one-of-a-kind design will be a beautiful accent to your home bar.

It will decant your wine perfectly because it’s designed to give maximum aeration, so the oxygen will mix with your wine selection to help it come to life. It comes with corks, but you can also use your own – which is great if you have a cork collection.

Surprise your friends too by giving some background on the designer. This piece is designed by Sebastian Bergne and was made in the United Kingdom. Bergne is a respected artist who is known for his “bespoke designs tailored for restaurants,” as well as being a sought after curator in the art world. See? Instant cocktail party conversation. Now aren’t you smart? You should relax and enjoy a glass of wine.