Tequila comes in many shapes, sizes, strengths, and—of course—quality. It’s important to know what you are looking for, be it tequila for margaritas or tequila for sipping. Tequila Añejos are in the latter category. They are aged between a year and three years, and they tend to be a lot smoother and have a more complex flavor palate. For the love of god, do not waste these in a margarita.


Casa Noble Añejo
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Casa Noble, like most tequila, is made in the Jalisco region of Mexico and is an example of just how great añejos can be. Casa Noble Añejo is aged for a full two years in French Wine Oak barrels and has complex aromas of dried fruits and spice. The aroma compliments the flavors of oak, butterscotch, vanilla and sweet cooked agave to make a very drinkable tequila.

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Siete Leguas Añejo
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Siete Leguas’s website defaults to Spanish (though there is an English version) which tells you everything you need to know about their authenticity. If that’s not enticing enough, Siete Leguas Añejo is a full-bodied golden tequila with silver reflections, and has tasting notes of agave tempered with an oak barrel endnote. It comes in a standard 750 ml bottle, but they are self-aware enough to know that people will go crazy for this, and also have a 3L option.

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Tequila Ocho Añejo
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Tequila Ocho does some interesting things with their agave. Most tequila makers use many different ranchos to source their agave and blend them all together to create consistent flavor, but Tequila Ocho embraces difference. They label all their tequilas by style but also by rancho, so there’s a lot of variety to be had, and a lot of opportunity to develop your taste within the añejo style.

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Don Pilar Añejo
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Don Pilar Añejo is aged for 18 months in virgin American White Oak barrels, but that’s the uninteresting part of their tequila. What makes this tequila truly unique is that the master distillers at Don Pilar serenade the agave with Baroque music during the fermentation process. This is to help coax the sugar into converting into alcohol, or perhaps just to make sure the finished tequila has a proper appreciation for classical music. With tasting notes layered with pineapple and chocolate, something about that music must really be working.

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El Tesoro Añejo
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El Tesoro makes their tequila with an emphasis on tradition. They harvest and prepare their agave entirely by hand, and they even go so far as to use a one-ton stone wheel to squeeze the agave for maximum flavor. Their dedication pays off, for El Tesoro produces superb tequila in all categories, and their añejo is particularly great. El Tesoro translates to “the treasure” and their tequila lives up to the name—a rare gem to be enjoyed.

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