Any beer enthusiast understands the importance of a well-designed beer drinking glass. Well, worry no more, an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professional have all given the thumbs up to the Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses. While Spiegelau does offer classic beer glasses, the panel set out to find the ideal glass shape for India Pale Ale, American Wheat Beer, and Stout and stumbled upon these custom-shaped glasses deeming them the perfect choice. The shapes successfully deliver the complexity of aromas to the nose while validating the optimum beer texture, balance, and flavor to the palate. Spiegelau offers three glasses—IPA, American Wheat Beer/Witbier, and Stout—specifically designed for their designated beer. Each glass possesses a distinct look aimed to maximize the tasting experience of its respective beer. Spiegelau makes it incredibly simple to enjoy your favorites and get the most out of them, so why not add a couple more glasses to your inventory.