Minnesota natives Bill and Tiki Spell are passionate collectors of wines the world over. Nonetheless, it was that old noir magic that enchanted them enough to move West and start their own winery in Santa Rosa, California. The notoriously delicate “pinecone” grape may embody an elusive grail that many the vino buff quests for (before and after Sideways had a moment)—for its part, Spell Estate is one instance of a pinot dream that wasn’t crushed (well, figuratively, at least). Collaborating with deft winemaker Andrew Berge, Bill and Tiki proudly capture the nuanced character of individual vineyards to advantage in each bottling. Though he has several degrees in food science, Berge’s more rustic love of the land may preside over his description of soil, coast, and mountain influences as you sample his expertise: To do so, schedule a tasting and fall under the pinot noir spell yourself.

If you find yourself unable to make a trip to the the glorious Spell Estate, the winery has joined forces with Wanderlust—an online shopping experience connecting consumers with high quality artisan producers worldwide. Don’t suppress your own wanderlust and embark into a virtual world filled with unique wine options, including Spell Estate.

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