Like the formidable Rocky Mountains and the bracingly crisp spring water they’re based on, the Spring44 Spirits cast an air of purity even at first glance. Minimalist but elegant, the bottles are graced with simple graphics alluding to their origins- nature. We’ve heard this story before, and couldn’t help recalling the merits of other “precious spring water” from the far reaches of the globe; but something was different about this story: the fervent, and at times manic, following. From proclamations of perfection: “one of the most outright delicious liquids I have ever tasted in my entire life,” to stunned musings on nature: “not to get too precious, but there is a clarity and freshness to it–you can actually taste that spring water,” our interest was piqued. As we delved deeper into the backstory, we learned that Spring44 is produced by two childhood friends in Oregon, but its birthplace is Colorado, where they source “the rarest water found on earth.” From a simple childhood pleasure that provided a visceral connection to nature, an idea was born. Spring44, like its namesake, delivers a thought-provoking, sincere experience.