Visible on the kitchen counter and in the living room are unopened bottles of supermarket-bought wine.

The good stuff—you know, the vintage bottles from your birth year or anniversary—are hidden from plain sight. They’re tucked in the basement cellar.

Why not show off your prized wines? STACT produces a modular wine rack that invites oenophiles to bring their favorite vintages out of hiding.

STACT essentially produces wine storage panels that can be bought and assembled in numbers tailored to the size of each person’s wall and their collection.

The panels, which come in 10 finishes ranging from classic walnut and oak to zingy colors like electric orange and citrus green, can be easily affixed to any drywall surface. Each panel safely holds 9 bottles, with supports made from aircraft-grade aluminum, but combining panels on the wall can increase the wine storage capacity to 12 bottles.

If you have a wall in your place that is looking a little bare, it may be time to dust off the bottles and give them a little attention.